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Quality Carpet Cleaning in Houston

One of the biggest headaches of having carpets in your home is maintenance. This means taking care of them by cleaning them regularly. However, it isn’t as easy as doing the laundry. Carpets are bulky and cleaning them is a time consuming chore than needs a lot of work.

To ensure that your carpets are really clean and well maintained, it would be best to use the services of a professional carpet cleaner. And if you are looking for the most quality carpet cleaning services in Houston, then try Speedy Steam. Here’s why.

Speedy Steam uses professional grade equipment such as deep cleaning brushes and steam cleaners, thereby ensuring that every single fiber of your carpet is sanitized. By using the best equipment in the industry, Speedy Steam is able to ensure that all stains are taken care of, leaving your carpets looking as good as new.

Some carpets just cannot be cleaned at home since they are made of really delicate fibers. Speedy Steam has experience in handling such types of carpets, be they handmade, Persian silk carpets or fancy Oriental rugs, ensuring that your precious carpets are kept in perfect condition.

Cleaning your carpet regularly not only keeps them looking good, extends their lifespan, but also contributes to the health of your home by removing disease causing organisms.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of professional cleaning services available, but what makes Speedy Steam special is that this team goes the extra mile in offering their customers the most quality carpet cleaning service in Houston.

Besides cleaning, Speedy Steam’s team will also offer you advice on how to extend the life of your carpet, they only clean, but also restore your carpets and can also give you advice on which would be the best type of carpet to buy based on your needs.

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3 Rooms: $109 steam cleaning + deodorize
5 Rooms: $169
7 Rooms: $209
Any room extra $29
Steps: $2-$3 for one step
Hallway and closet $10-$25 depends the size
Any stains are extra charge
Rugs: $2.5-$6 per square foot depends the type of the rug

Expensive rugs: Estimates only

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